Ayyan AliSupermodel Ayyan Ali and film actress Meera have started competition for the Eid dresses and on animals for Qurbani. According to the reports, both the showbiz personalities have decided to compete each other on Eid dresses and Qurbani animals. Meera and Ayyan Ali normally buy suits from same boutique and after this new competition, it is expected that the boutique owner will earn lots of money from both the showbiz personalities. Sources told that Meera has ordered Eid dress on the boutique which had already designed suit for supermodel Ayyan Ali.

After receiving the order of dresses from film star Meera, the owner of the boutique has received directions from the supermodel Ayyan Ali to design unique dresses despite of designing similar to Meera dresses. She has also said that her dresses should be well designed and attached precious pearls with those. She also said to the owner of boutique not to worry about the money but only focus on the quality.

On the other hand, Meera has choose a Bull for Qurbani, with price of Rs.7 and half lacks but Ayyan Ali is hoping to buy animal with the price more than that of Meera. It seems that both the showbiz personalities are competing with each other to gain more attention from the public.