Mufti_Abdul_QaviThe president of Shemale Foundation Pakistan Almas Bobby flirts with Mufti Abdul Qavi in a television show. In a recent episode of Express News program Syasi Theatre which is hosted by renowned poet Wasi Shah, Almas Bobby and Mufti Abdul Qavi participated as special guests. Almas Bobby continuously seen flirting with Mufti Abdul Qavi while on the other hand, Mufti Abdul Qavi was also in entertaining mood as he answered all the questions with his sense of humor.

The topic was actually started by the host of the program Wasi Shah and Almas Bobby starts flirting with Mufti Abdul Qavi who was sitting just close to her. At one moment, Almas Bobby asked Mufti Abdul Qavi in a funny way to marry her and he answered that he wants some days to think for this offer. Almas Bobby also holds the hand of Mufti Abdul Qavi to make promise for marriage while Mufti Abdul Qavi insisted her to wait for few days.

The video clips of this program gone viral on social media and people started criticizing Mufti Abdul Qavi on this immoral act. They asked all the religious scholars not to be involved in such type of controversies as they are the representatives of religion.