Junaid_JamshedAfter stepping out from the previous conflict, famous religious scholar and former singer Junaid Jamshed has entered in the new controversy. Some pictures of Junaid Jamshed are circulating widely on social media, in which he is holding the hand of popular female singer Hadiqa Kayani. On the launching ceremony of his new national song “Chand Sitara”, Junaid Jamshed had invited his former Vital Signs colleagues and other famous showbiz personalities. He had also sung his new national song on the stage in front of showbiz personalities.

After his performance, Junaid Jamshed had taken some close pictures with his former colleagues and other showbiz personalities. While in one picture, he is holding the hand of Hadiqa Kayani in excitement. People are widely sharing his pictures and making strong criticism on him that what kind of immoral and unethical things he is doing?

As a preacher of Islam, Junaid Jamshed should take care of these things because thousands of people follow him. However, some people are saying that mistake is the human nature and Junaid Jamshed should avoid such type of controversies to avoid criticism.

Some social media activists have also demanded that other male singers should be also criticized when they deliberately do such type of immoral and unethical things.