Shaista.LodhiFamous morning show host of Pakistani television industry Shaista Lodhi responds on social media for the first time after morning show controversy. In an exclusive interview given to the BrandSynario, Shaista Lodhi said that social media should not be used as we do in Pakistan. She said that social media is used in Pakistan in very bad manners and people don’t even think that it is unethical and immoral. Shaista Lodhi said that it is just done in the name of freedom of expression which is actually not freedom.

While discussing the role of social media in her interview, Shaista Lodhi said that the social media is used in very strange manner in Pakistan. People post and say whatever they think without any hesitation and they even know more about myself, Shaista Lodhi added. She said that people share baseless stories about myself, which even I don’t know. Shaista Lodhi said that there are thousands of fake ID’s on social media with her name, specially on Facebook. In the end, Shaista Lodhi requested all the users of social media to think before sharing anything.

It is to be noted that social media is operated in our country in very bad manners and people write and share whatever they want, specially on the personal matters of celebrities.