Bol Jasmeen K SathSenior anchorperson and executive vice president of Bol News Jasmeen Mazoor has putted serious corruption allegations on Sultan Lakhani, owner and CEO of Express Media Group. In her recent program “Bol Jasmeen K Sath”, Jasmeen Manzoor has showed some official documents of National Accountability Bureau (NAB), according to which bureau had imprisoned Sultan Ali Lakhani and his brother for eight month on the corruption charges in May 2000. In fact the documents of NAB have shown that Sultan Ali Lakhani had accepted all the charges of corruption which was imposed on him, according to Jasmeen Manzoor.

Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was signed between Sultan Lakhani, chairman NAB and some officials of NAB at that time in which Sultan Ali Lakhani had accepted the charges of corruption on him. The documents of National Accountability Bureau shown by Jasmeen Manzoor have also revealed that Sultan Lakhani had signed the documents on the conditions of not to sign the guilty papers and in fact he would never return the corruption money.

Jasmeen Manzoor has also revealed in her program that Sultan Lakhani had taken loan from Pakistani banks in the past but he had never returned the borrowed money. Sultan Lakhani was arrested by NAB in May 2000 on corruption charges and Express Media Group had not until launched. Sultan Lakhani had done all this corruption with his front man and fake companies to avoid any trouble, Jasmeen Manzoor said.

Jasmeen Manzoor has raised very logical question in her program that how a convicted person is running a media group and how he got the license of channels and newspaper. Jasmeen Manzoor also revealed that Sultan Lakhani had returned nominal amount of corruption and agreed that he will return the remaining amount in the next ten years. However, he has not even returned that amount yet, Jasmeen Manzoor quoted NAB officials.

It is to be noted that besides of the Express Media Group, Sultan Lakhani also owns several big brands in Pakistan including Lakson Tobacco, McDonalds Pakistan, Colgate-Palmolive, and Tetley Pakistan.