One of the famous news anchors of Geo news Ayesha Khalid claims on social media that the Top management of the channel 92 news harass there female anchors. News Presenter of geo and anchor of program “Mere Mutabiq”, Ayesha Khalid twitted about this issue that management of channel 92 News harasses female anchors.

In a tweet Ayesha Khalid tag Government of Punjab to take notice on the issue.

In response to that tweet Former anchor of 92 News Nabeeha Ejaz support the tweet by rewetting.  Nabeeha Ejaz has remained part of 92 News for couple of months and left channel recently. Before 92 News she was news anchor on geo news.


After this tweet of Ayesha Khalid, Current Host of the show NIGHT EDITION at 92 News Shazia Zeeshan Opposed the claim and said that she is working in the channel for long time and none of female anchor in 92 News have any issues.

In support of Shazia Zeeshan tweet, Anchor and producer of 92 News Iqra Haris said that she never has faced such issue in the channel and claims that the Allegation of Harassment female anchors are baseless.

Ayesha Khalid also tweeted that female anchors left the channel in the last 3 or 4 months what is the reason. Ayesha Khalid said that she take all the responsibility of what she is saying.