auditRecent reports have disclosed the matter of Money distribution among journalists. Last year the government of Pakistan Muslim League- Nawaz (PML-N) distributed a hefty sum of 308 million rupees from the public treasury misusing their authority the Information Ministry spent huge amounts in an effort to buy media houses.

The audit report further disclosed that the Information ministry spent money in a manner that the ministry itself is solely ruling the country.

The report further pointed at the mechanism of money distribution by the ministry. The report read that Advertisement agencies were used as intermediary for transferring the money to the media houses and journalists to conceal the matter of money distribution in its core essence

The Minister himself and Secretary including any other official from the Information Ministry didn’t rejected the findings of audit report. The Information Ministry itself also violated their own SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) and the regulations which regulate the spending of money by the ministry.

The Auditor General of Pakistan sent the report to President of Pakistan requesting him to order enquiry of the matter. As the public money was being misused by the Ministry, he requested the corrupt officers to be pinpointed and called for the recovery of 308 million from those corrupt officials. The money of the public should be submitted back to the public treasury The Auditor General said.