Nadia_Khan_MeeraScandal queen of Pakistan, film actress Meera has created another controversy and this time with very bad manners. According to the reports, one of the most popular host Nadia Khan had invited Meera in her show on 16th of November 2015, as a guest. When Meera reached on the set of Nadia Khan Show, she totally refused to participate in that show and said that she didn’t want to come here. When manager of Meera told her that she had agreed to participate in Nadia Khan Show earlier, she totally denied and refused to participate in the show.

When Meera refused to get out of the van, producer of Nadia Khan Show came to her and asked about her problem for not participating in the show. Rather than having argument on this, Meera started fighting with the producer and beats her badly. Producer of Nadia Khan Show was badly injured due to this attack. Surprisingly, manager of Meera left her alone in the van after facing her anger.

When Nadia Khan started the morning show, she was looking so upset and sad on this incident. She told that Meera had also done same kind of thing few years ago in Dubai. Naida Khan also invited her team on the set and asked them to reveal all the things which were finalized with Meera for participating in her show.

Watch Video Here (Courtesy: Geo News)