MeeraControversial queen and actress of Pakistani film industry Meera is in trouble because of her marriage scandal. Honorable court has issued arrest warrants of Pakistani film actress and ordered to bring her in the court. On Friday, Judicial Magistrate of the Civil Court in Lahore has ordered the police to arrest the actress and bring her in the court on the next proceedings which will be on 17th June. Previously, the court had sent many notices to Meera whose real name is Irtiza Rubab, to appear in the court many times but she did not appear.

According to the media, her first husband Atiq-ur-Rehman had filed a petition in the honorable court and claimed that the actress is still married with him but had attempted another marriage with Captain Naveed. He had also claimed that Meera is still his wife and she had married with Captain Naveed without taking divorce from him. That is why her practice of marriage after marriage without divorce is illegal, immoral and against Pakistan’s Penal Code.

Previously after immoral and disturbing video scandal, actress Meera and Captain Naveed have claimed that they have married but parents of Captain Naveed have refused to accept her as their daughter-in-law.