Humaira Arshad and Ahmed ButtConflict between singer Humaira Arshad and model Ahmed Butt has resolved now and Humaira Arshad will contact the court to withdraw her divorce claim soon. Both the wife and husband hold a press conference in Lahore today and told the media that there were some misunderstandings among them. All the misunderstandings and conflicts have been resolved now and Humaira Arshad and her husband Ahmed Butt have decided to reunite.

Previously, Humaira Arshad and her husband Ahmed Butt have putted serious allegations on each other and hold many press conferences. Humaira Arshad had claimed that her husband Ahmed Butt violently beat her on the road in front of people and demanded Rs 20 million for divorce. While Ahmed Butt claimed that her wife filed a bogus case against him of kidnapping his own son and threatened him of death.

The showbiz couple has also committed to stay together forever by eating sweets at the end of the press conference.

While talking to a Pakistani newspaper, Humaira Arshad said that by the blessings of Allah and prayers of her fans, the conflict between her and Ahmed Butt has been resolved and she always need the prayers to live a happy life as it was in the past.