MeeraScandal queen of Pakistani film industry actress Meera always become center of attraction due to controversial things related with her. Nowadays, actress Meera another latest controversy related to Meera has emerged which is about restrictions regarding her entrance in England. According to the reports of Pakistani media, England has banned actress Meera for 10 years, on the violation of British Law, 3 years ago. Border agency of England had imposed section 320 of law, after which she is unable to enter in England for 10 years. Sources of Pakistani media industry have claimed that Meera cannot enter in UK after this ban.

On the other end, when Pakistani media contact Meera for her reply on this news, she totally denied this news and said that it is totally false and baseless story. She said that there is no ban on her entry to UK. Meera replied that a particular lobby in Pakistan is spreading rumors related to her. Meera also added that she has currently no plans to visit UK but there is no restriction on her for visiting England,

It is to be noted that no official documents in this regards have been revealed by the media industry.