Hum Jaag TV LogoThe same sex marriage law approval from the US court has started a debate in all over the world and verbal fight has been started between the critics and supporters of this law. The fight is just not restricted on the mainstream media but widely spread throughout the social media and has become one of the most discussed topics. In Pakistan, rather discussing on this law, people have started trolling on the logos of Hum Television and Jaag TV, because rainbow flag is a symbol of bisexual marriage.

Just because of rainbow colours on the logos of both the popular channels of Pakistan, people are entertaining each other with making jokes and declaring them a supporter of same sex marriage. People are sharing jokes on the logos of both the TV channels on social media by saying that they had been supporting the same sex marriage in Pakistan for many years.

When one of the most popular English daily newspapers of Pakistan shares the news of this law on their website with the picture of man carrying rainbow flag, top comment was “Why He Is Carrying Hum TV Flag??”