Hamza Ali Abbasi Imaan MazariAfter same sex marriages legalized in the United States, the debate of merits and demerits has been started in the whole world, where the supporters and the opponents are giving their arguments. Even social media has become a battle field for both the parties and they are giving their arguments to either favour or oppose the current law. Like other countries of the world, people in Pakistan are also commenting on that controversial law and two renowned personalities of the country have become a center of attention.

A fight between popular actor of Pakistani showbiz industry Hamza Ali Abbasi and daughter of Shireen Mazari, Imaan Mazari has started on social media where both the personalities are opposing each other on the same sex marriage. Hamza Ali Abbasi has strongly condemned the law of same sex marriage in the US and called it “Un-natural and abnormal” decision. While Imaan Mazari has appreciated the decision on same sex marriages and criticized those who are opposing it.

Imaan Mazari has also reported the Twitter account of Hamza Ali Abbasi for blocking it by giving the argument that he is spreading hate speech and requested her followers to do the same. Spokesperson of PTI, Shireen Mazari has also come forward to defend her daughter and blocked Hamza Ali Abbasi.

Therefore, being a Muslim and citizen of Islamic Republic of Pakistan, it is our duty to discourage such controversial and awkward laws. We should keep it in our minds that one of the basic reasons behind the wrath of Allah (SWT) on the nation of Prophet Lut (PBUH) was homosexuality.