Dubsmash app has become the most popular app on social media nowadays and people are dubbing their videos by only lip sync on the famous dialogues from either any film or drama. Famous cricketers and showbiz personalities have also entered in the Dubsmash world and entertained their fans and followers with their videos. But the problem is that due to popularity of this android app, many fake applications with the similar names have been developed and are available on Google Play Store.

One same kind of fake android app which is available on Google Play Store is “Dubsmash 2”. Most of the people think that it is the updated version of Dubsmash with some changes, while downloading the app from Google Play Store but it is in fact a fake app having some viruses with it. If the users have Avast Antivirus uploaded, it will detect the malware soon after downloading Dubsmash 2.Dubsmash 2

This fake app contains some viruses which contain back links of some por* websites and when users open the app, the links would automatically open. However Google Play Store does not guarantee the safety from the apps which contain viruses and malware. It is responsibility of the users to beware from such kinds of fake apps and download the app after confirming that whether it is genuine or not.