Facebook Video AdsPopular online social networking service provider Facebook has launched video ads to boost its business. The officials have decided to launch video ads after getting the results of a survey conducted by Nielsen, which was excellent. The officials of the popular social networking site have stated that this medium of advertisement is growing day by day on social media and many other sites have already launched it. They have also said that the video advertisement is the main source to get the public well aware of any particular product.

Facebook has also released some tips for the advertisers, in order to deliver the features of any particular product to the public. Those important tips includes:

  • Tailor the Story to the Audience.
  • Invest in Production.
  • To Use First few Seconds Wisely.
  • To Focus on storytelling.
  • To Tell the Story With and Without Sound.

Facebook have also decided to showcase the best video advertisements every month, in order to promote and motivate the advertisers, so that they can improve the quality. Nine verticals showcased by Facebook includes Automotive, Consumer Goods, Entertainment, Financial Services, Gaming, Restaurants, Retail/eCommerce, Technology/Telecom/Durables and Travel.

The advertisers from all over the world have appreciated this initiative of Facebook, which will boost the business of not only Facebook but also of the advertisers in future.