GmailIn this modern age of science and technology, mobile phone has become an important need for the people all around the world. People use diaries in past to save contact details of their relatives, friends, colleagues and many others in order to contact them when needed.

But after the use of mobile phones, this method has transformed and now people save contact details in their mobile phones. But the main problem occurs in this regards when mobile phone snatched or damaged due to any reason and all the contact details present in that particular mobile phone lost.

Especially in Pakistan, where mobile snatching is very common and hundreds of people on the daily basis lost their mobile phones due to this. Similarly, all the data saved in mobile phones also lost, which is more paining than losing mobile phone. In order to avoid this hectic situation, android users can sync their contacts with Gmail account, by which they can store their data and able to recover it when needed.

SyncBelow is the procedure to safe and secure mobile contacts for android users:

Procedure to Safe and Secure Mobile Contacts

  • First of all, install Gmail on your android phone if it is not already installed.
  • Now open “App Drawer” and select “Settings” option from it.
  • After entering in Settings, select “Accounts and Sync”.
  • Here you will find the option of “Enable Accounts and Syncing Service”, select it.
  • From the option of “e-mail Accounts Setup”, select your Gmail account.
  • Enable “Sync Contacts” option if you have not already enabled it.
  • After this, select “Sync now” option and wait till the completion of whole procedure of your phone contacts synchronized with your Gmail account.
  • When the process completed, open web browser on your computer or laptop, and select “Gmail text link”, which is given on the upper left side of Gmail profile.
  • Now click on “Contacts” and a page will be opened where you would be able to saw all the contacts stored from your android phone.

Sync 1Note:  When you change your ROM or select “Factory Reset” on your android phone after storing all your contacts with Gmail, sync your phone again with Gmail in order to get all the saved contacts on Gmail. If you do not sync your phone with Gmail again, your contacts will be lost from it.