Battery TimeIn this modern age of science and technology, people from all around the worlds uses smartphones and it has become need of people. While using smartphones, users from all over the world mostly complains about the battery timings, because of which they can’t able to use phones for a long time.

Countless features and hundreds of downloaded apps on smartphones are the basic problems of low battery. While using these apps, including Facebook, Whatsapp, Skype and Viber, battery of smartphones becomes low within few hours. Although many companies have now introduced smartphones with long battery timings, but this problem occurs after sometime.

Below are some important tips for the users of smartphone, through which they can improve battery time in smartphone:

Tips to Improve Battery Time in Smartphone

  • First of all, decrease the brightness of screen to improve battery timing of your smartphone, because colourful display on smartphone also consumes battery.
  • If you want to increase battery timing of your smartphone, you must need to short timeout of your screen. Generally, “Auto-Lock” or “Screen Timeout” option given in General Settings menu.
  • When you are not using Bluetooth, turn it off because smartphones continuously read the signals which consumes battery. Through this, you can increase battery time of your smartphone.
  • Wi-Fi is also a main source of consuming battery, also because of reading signals of multiple devices. When you are not using internet through WiFi, turnoff it in order to improve battery time.
  • GPR and other mobile locator devices also consumes battery timing, so when you don’t need to use these devices, turn them off from Settings menu.
  • Running apps in the background consumes much battery timing and after using these apps, you even don’t need to keep these apps in the background. You can improve battery timing of your smartphone by closing these apps through holding multi-tasking button on your phone.
  • Most of the smartphone users active vibration on their phone, which is also a main reason of battery consumption. Try to use vibration only when you need it, to improve battery time.