WhatsApp is a popular messaging app for smartphones which was released in 2009. In the recent years, WhatsApp has become an important part of life for almost all the smartphone users throughout the whole world. Today, WhatsApp has around 900 million active users round the globe and are increasing rapidly due to its popularity and free of cost instant services.

People use different useful functions of WhatsApp which are easy and free ways to communicate which each other. WhatsApp messaging and voice call services are widely used by the millions of people in the whole world, on daily basis.

WhatsApp user from all around the world also share their videos, pictures and voice clips to their friends, family or in many other circles including business purposes. It is easy to use messenger app which is growing day by day due to its up-gradation and improving its quality to provide better services for its users. People can call their family members, friends, colleagues and anyone, whether they are living in any part of the world, without any charges and with very clear and loud voice. These functions and services have make WhatsApp a popular instant messaging app of the world.

[junkie-alert style=”green”] Some people normally asked that whether WhatsApp can be used without a SIM card or not? So the answer of this question is surprisingly yes. [/junkie-alert]

WhatsApp can be also used without active SIM card. Because due to any problem with the SIM card or SIM card jack in the smartphone, people don’t able to use WhatsApp and can’t send messages, videos and pics on WhatsApp. For all those users who want to use WhatsApp without active SIM card, we have described a simple procedure that is given below:

Procedure to Use WhatsApp without Active SIM Card

  • First of all, you must have latest version of WhatsApp messenger on your Smartphone, if you don’t have, download it.
  • Now enter your mobile number on WhatsApp carefully.
  • WhatsApp messenger will immediately send a short code on your number for verification.
  • Now insert your SIM card in any other Smartphone for few minutes and get your code from the messenger.
  • After this, insert that code in the Smartphone from which you want to use WhatsApp without SIM card.
  • From now, you are able to use WhatsApp messenger on your Smartphone without active SIM card, share whatever you want with your loved ones on WhatsApp messenger and enjoy it.