Fake Facebook IdFacebook and other social media accounts contains thousands of fake id’s and people use these id’s either to make fun of others to trap people who easily became a victim. It is just because of fake profile pictures uploaded on those fake id’s.

People try to use different ways in order to know the credibility of those id’s but most of them failed because of unawareness of the procedure. In this case, reverse image search is the easiest and result oriented option from which users can easily detect that either those profiles are real of fake.

Around 70% of the internet users don’t know about this service offered by Google, through which anyone can search image on the internet and if it exists on any web page, would appear on the screen of user who is searching it. The procedure of suing reverse image system is so simple and it took some seconds to search that image and resembled one also. Simple procedure of using Google Image is given below:

Google Image procedure:

Google Images

  • First of all, save that particular image on your desktop before using Google Image.
  • Go to images.google.com.
  • After appearing Google Image page on your screen, you will see Camera Icon on the right side of search bar.
  • Select that Camera Icon.
  • Now click on the Upload Image option and select that particular image which you have already saved on your desktop.
  • Google Image would take some seconds to search all the data on internet, similar or resembled to that particular picture and after completing searching, all the pages and pictures will be appeared on your screen.

It is the procedure of searching simple image through Google Image but rather than this advantage, reverse image search also have many other advantages which are described below:

Other Advantages of Reverse Image Search:

  • Through this service, you can track down the actual page, from where this image came from.
  • You can also found many other resemblance pictures as well with your particular image.
  • If you are searching for any food dish or product, you would be able to know exact name of that dish or product.
  • If you are searching for any place through picture, all the images regarding that place would appear on your screen.
  • You would also know the fake id’s of Facebook through this service and Google Image would tell you if that particular picture has been taken from another source.
  • You can also get duplicate content through reverse image search.
  • You can also get high resolution images through reverse image search.