Vinod KumarIn this modern era of science and technology, criminal activities through internet have become very popular and we have seen various examples of internet fraud and many other different crimes. Recently, the Special Investigation Unit (SIU) has arrested a modern criminal who had used Skype for extortion in the biggest city of Pakistan, Karachi. According to a Pakistani news channel, man who is identified as Vinod Kumar, is highly educated man and had successfully extorted millions of rupees by using Skype as a tool.

Vinod Kumar is highly educated from London and had been employed in the famous company of Malaysia. While studying in London, Vinod had addicted of gambling and he continuously went to different casinos for gambling. Due to this addiction, he had also continued this practice while he was doing job in Malaysia and lost his lifetime earnings in this addiction. Some time ago, Vinod returned back to Pakistan and adopted illegal means of earnings to spend luxurious life.

Modern criminal Vinod Kumar had received around three million rupees in different extortion activities through Skype. The biggest amount he had earned was from the employees of insurance company by giving them life threats and had received 20 Lac rupees.

According to Special Investigation Unit (SIU), further investigations from the criminal continue and preliminary investigations have revealed that his friends have provided the basic knowledge of different companies in this regards.