SkypePopular video calling application Skype is in a trouble nowadays and millions of its users from all over the world are facing problems and the reason behind this difficulty is just 8 words. According to the reports, a new error has been emerged in the Skype software and software gets crashed when any user type “http://:” in any message. Skype users try their best to run the application one again but it doesn’t works and finally they have to install it once again.

Skype users from all around the world have shared their bad experience with the newly emerged problem in the software and mentioned that these 8 words are affecting on Windows, Android and IOS systems, however the Skype software of  MAC OS and Windows 8.1 version are not affecting with these words and easily send the messages which contains “http://:”.

The spokesperson of the popular application has said that the company is well aware of the current error in the Skype and is taking some steps to counter this error. He also said that the company will soon find the solution of this error and the situation will be under control within some days.