samsung mobile battery

A video of two men revealing the so called scandal of Samsung spy on battery went viral on social media and almost every third social media user of Pakistan have shared this on their profiles. But it has now proved that chip on Samsung battery has no link with spy activities and it is just a latest technology to facilitate users of mobile phones. Both the so called “IT Experts” were showing their talent by discovering the proclaimed spy chip in Samsung battery and claimed that the personal information of mobile user is transferred through this.

However, real IT experts have said that the chip has no relation with the stealing and transfer of personal data in fact the chip which was shown in the video is “NFC (Near Field Communication) Chip”. This chip is used to transfer data between two devices in quick time and it is also used to access Samsung TecTiles app.

[alert style=”white”] NFC technology is also developed to use it as a substitute of transfer of payments in future. [/alert]

The video has been watched by above 75,000 people so far and shared by hundreds of users so far. IT experts have advised internet users on social media to not believe on all the material available on internet because there are thousands of videos uploaded on internet with fake claims.

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