Karachi: Well-known actress Sadia Imam does not want to work in showbiz and wants to live in Germany with her husband. Actress Sadia has come back to Karachi. She went to Germany with her husband after marriage. Actress is getting a lot of offers of working. But she does not intend to work in dramas for the time being.

Sadia has been offered to work in Pakistani film industry as well, but she is not accepting any offers. I have come back to Pakistan to meet my relatives, every actress get offers to work and I am getting too. But I have come just to meet my relatives and I am not going to start my own production at all, she expressed.

[alert style=”white”] Actress Sadia is living happy with her husband and quite happy with her married life. [/alert]

Actress Sadia Imam with husbandShe will go back to German after few days. Actress Sadia is the famous TV actress and model of Pakistan, she has done several dramas and commercials as well. She is famous for her good acting and she is good at acting, no doubt. She is the youngest sister of TV actress and comedian Aliya Imam.