Lahore: Pakistani actress Laila has started exercise to get fit. In order to lose weight, she has joined gym and also started exercise at home. Actress is not getting work, due to her over weight and she is neglected by showbiz. She is looking for a good teacher for yoga. Laila is doing her best to keep herself slim.

In order to work in showbiz this is very necessary for the girls to be slim smart, that’s why actress Laila is working hard to be fit. If actresses are getting healthy, they are being neglected from the field of showbiz and it is very difficult for them to get work. All actors try to keep them fit in the field of showbiz in order to get good role.

[alert style=”white”] Healthy actresses often get the role of aged women, due to their healthy look but they can’t get the role of heroines. [/alert]

Actress LailaActress Laila’s decision is good to join gym and doing exercise at home. Actress Laila is a Pakistani film actress but nowadays she is not getting work in films due to her excess weight. Her healthy figure is not suitable for the role of heroin in movies.