Crore-WEEK-Eatoye bannerPSL just got better with great discounts & deals

STOP! And take a minute to relish on this thought: crackling beef kebabs seeping juice on the pan, mayonnaise being whisked away releasing aroma, buns on the burner turning hot, red tomatoes sliced and pickles chopped. Feel those hunger pangs kicking in? That’s because EatOye Crore Week is just around the corner!

Nothing good has ever come easy. Luckily, this cannot be said for good food. Just when you thought the home-cooked food couldn’t make crazy PSL days and nights any blander, EatOye heroically glided in with this year’s first Crore Week, running nationwide.

Starting 15th February 2016, right after chocolaty Valentine’s Day celebration with EatOye’s delicious cakes, we’re all set to send you into something we like to call a ‘food coma’ – unearthly feeling that follows after eating your favorite food. Did someone say ‘yes please’?

There’s a sensational game every night and going out is too clichéd. Nestle together with your family or call old friends over to enjoy up to 50% discounts on KFC, Domino’s, The New York Pizza, Broadway Pizza and many more to be revealed this Monday.

“A full week of deals and discounts is welcoming you. Let us keep the national cricket spirits high because food will always make the most boring of the games, fun. Our improved customer services measures will make sure you experience only the best foodie rendezvous with EatOye’s impeccable services so get ready for only the best offers on our platforms next week”, quotes Omair Bakhsh, Brand Manager EatOye/foodpanda.

EatOye Crore Week 8 discounts and deals are set to be live from 15th February to 21st February, on as well as an awesome mobile app for Android. Visit us on our official Facebook page to pick up on the pre-event celebration.