Farah HussainOne of the most experienced and famous morning show hosts, Farah Hussain has presented a teenager in her program, who had created many fake Facebook ID’s of her. A clip from the program of Farah Hussain has been viral nowadays on social media in which she has presented fake Facebook account holder. In this program, Farah Hussain has asked him all the questions regarding the reason of making these ID’s. Farah Hussain has told her viewers that teenager was making people fool through her fake accounts. In this program, Farah Hussain Hussain has also presented all the proofs.

Farah Hussain has revealed in this program that the teenager named as Rashid, had been continuously making people fool through fake Facebook ID’s, after which FIA Cyber Crime Unit had traced his ID and arrested him. When teenager refused in this program that he didn’t made people fool after a warning SMS, Farah Hussain on-aired his call recording. In this voice recording, teenager was talking with a member of Farah Hussain’s team by making voice similar to her.

When Farah Hussain insisted him on-air to accept all of his crimes, Rashid has accepted all his crimes and asked forgiveness from all the people who were affected by him.