FACEBOOK IDIn this modern era of science and technology where modern creations are being used in different sectors to provide some relief for the humans, it is also being used in crime. Almost all the mobile users in Pakistan know about a fake girl with the name Shazia or Shaista, asked people for easyload of Rs. 50 or Rs. 100 on SMS. But now the criminals have created new way to grab money from the pocket of innocent internet users, by using technology. According to the reports of Pakistani media, a man has recently robbed people by hacking a Facebook ID.

According to the reports, an unknown hacker has recently hacked Facebook ID of one person and asked all his friends to help him. He asked all the friends of ID holder to send him EasyPaisa or Easyload because he is having a problem. All the friends of that particular ID holder immediately responded and send Easyload or EasyPaisa on the given ID. Media reports said that the Facebook hackers are nowadays using new techniques to rob innocent people.

People on social media have condemned this type of emotional blackmailing by the hackers and asked the authorities to immediately arrest these hackers in order to make social media free of crime.