Ushna-and-YumnaYumna Zaidi and Ushna Shah have teamed up for the new advertisement of Lemon Max Bar. The new advertisement is showing Yumna and Ushna as friends. The previous advertisement featured Zhalay Sarhadi and Anam Fayyaz. The advert showed the power of Lemon max from a mother’s view point. Whereas this new advert emphasizes the anti-germ property of lemon max instead of depicting mother’s concern for her children’s health.

The advert starts with Yumna working in her home, Ushna enters the home with some groceries she is there to help her friend who is arranging a party for friends. Ushna notices an oily pan and tells her friend that she must use lemon max which will make the pan clean, not only it will remove the grease but germs too along with it. Ushna Shah recently made her debut as she starred for ‘Bashar Momin’. Whereas Yumna Zaidi has made her appearances multiple times in number of dramas.

The tagline for the TV commercial is ‘Chiknai ke sath Jaraseem bhi Saaf’. The new faces along with new tagline will surely make their place in the target audience’s mind. But experts criticize the last part of the advert, where instead of endorsing the same tagline they switch to ‘no grease and no germs’. Doing this is not attracting the target audience the experts argue.