Umer-SharifUmer Sharif the famous Pakistani Comedian called Kapil Sharma host of ‘Comedy Nights with Kapil’ a copycat. Umer said that Kapil didn’t even knew a single thing about spontaneous comedy. He said that Kapil is adaptive he doesn’t have anything of his own, he lacks originality. Umer Sharif also said that India is a very big country but not a single citizen from India have the skill of spontaneous comedy. Censuring Kapil he said that his whole show is based on pre planed adapted dialogues.

Naseem Vicky a stand-up comedian was also present in the talk show which was hosted by Resham (The actress turned host). He seconded Umer Sharif’s view and said that Kapil’s comedy is based on the script and it lacks spontaneous originality. Umer Sharif also said that Kapil’s show is based on the format of Umer Sharif’s hit theater play ‘Bakra Kistoun pey’. Further Umer said that the punchlines have also been copied from his famous stage shows.

Umer Sharif started his career as comedian when he was only 14 years old. He got fame from his stage show ‘Bakra Kistoun Pey’. He not only got fame in Pakistan but in India as well. Most Indians respect him and call him god of comedy. He was the judge of India’s famous comedy Challenge.