Fawad-Khan-and-Sadaf-Kanwal-pepsi logoThe Famous Pakistani Super Star Fawad Khan will be endorsing Pepsi accompanied with Sadaf Kanwal in the upcoming advertisement campaign of Pepsi. Pakistani viewers were dissatisfied with the Cricket World Cup advertisement campaign of Pepsi. Their advertisement is surely going to take a big step ahead with the famous faces of Pakistan which are famous throughout Pakistan to satisfy the Pepsi Fans.

This is not the first time Fawad Khan and Sadaf Kanwal will be appearing in the same advertisement. They both earlier appeared together in the Servis advertisement. Servis repositioned itself which they communicated too with their advertisement Servis took these steps to re-emerge in the market. Pepsi now is missing its glory days, the new face of Fawad Khan and Kanwal Sadaf will help them acquire their lost status. Pepsi was once famous to such extent that each soft drink was known as ‘Pepsi’. Any one when was looking for something cold to drink asked for Pepsi.

Experts are speculating that Pepsi will regain the loyalty once these famous celebs are on board with Pepsi. Pepsi will be able to regain the position it lost earlier to its competitors. The new advertisements will communicate the new strategy and positioning of Pepsi. The new advertisement campaign will not only benefit Pepsi but will also benefit the rising star Sadaf Kanwal.