Shaan will work with Mahesh BhattLahore: Famous Pakistani film actor Shaan Shahid has said that he has signed a contract with Indian filmmakers on equality level due to which our industry will be benefited. According to the details, Shaan has said during an interview that he is going to work with that the Indian filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt and Mukesh Bhatt on equality basis.

Actor Shaan also told that if he will work with Indian filmmakers then he will make films for them too which will made in Lahore. Shaan further told that those films he will make for Indians will be a Lollywood joint production as these will be a part of our industry due to which our artists and industry will be benefitted. [alert style=”white”]Pakistani artists are not less as compared to anyone and they can prove their capabilities at any place, actor Shaan added. [/alert]Pakistani actor believes that it would be a great opportunity for both Indians and Pakistani to work together because together we can bring profitable business in entertainment sector.

According to the further details, Indian filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt visited Pakistan in order to meet Shaan for his upcoming film. The 43-years old actor is all set to get all the eye balls on Eid-ul-Azha through his upcoming action thriller film, Operation 021.