Medialogic recently launched the new TV rating service.The new service makes use of technology from Kantar Media UK. Medialogic publicized a technology partnership proceeding year whereby the accessible TV Ratings Panel in Pakistan would be prolonged and upgraded utilizing Kantar Media’s global capability in this field. Medialogic would swap its older meters with the latest generation ‘Rapid Meters’ from Kantar Media. Rapid Meters utilize state-of-the-art audio identical technology to compute TV viewership and are prepared with GPRS communication for appropriate data delivery.

Medialogic set up electronic all night TV ratings data in Pakistan in 2007 with a board covering three cities which has slowly been prolonged to nine cities and 675 households. The new panel wraps Urban Pakistan from end to end daily data from more than 1,000 households and 5,000 individuals put on 20 cities. This latest extension was done with compromise of leading broadcasters, advertisers and media agencies of Pakistan.

Salman Danish said that “Medialogic stayed dedicated to giving the most precise, realistic and effective media research solutions to its clients. They were confident that the new TV ratings service would make possible better decision making eventually leading to a more visible, efficient and energetic TV Industry.” Their commitment to make sure our technology gets the measurement challenges of both the present and the future would make sure that the TV ratings currency carries on to shape the foundation of a growing media industry in Pakistan.”