actress zainab qayyumZainab Qayyum is a Pakistani Actor, Model and Host. She is also known as ZQ in Showbiz circles. Zainab got married sometime back but sadly her marriage didn’t last long enough. She got divorced just after 11 months of marriage. She has starred in number of dramas and telefilms. She was also shot for a number music videos, Abrar-ul-Haq’s ‘Asaan Jana Malo Maal’ is one of them. She has also hosted one of kind talk shows on Pakistani Channels.

Zainab while telling about the reasons of her divorce said that she was around 35 years when she decided to get married. She was already over age at that time she said, Zainab exclaimed that all my colleagues had children I also longed for children so I decided to marry. Proposals came and suddenly I decided to accept one proposal. I gave a little thought to all the related matters and accepted the proposal to get marry. So I got married in a bit hurry Zainab said.

Zainab said that the haste in accepting the proposal came along with the repercussions which were harmful for the relationship. She added that she didn’t felt any special feelings for her spouse, her spouse also had reservations with her previous life and relations. Zainab who dreamt of love life with her spouse didn’t experienced that in her life. Despite the missing love portion from the marriage life she went on to put her husband at the level of a respected husband but the things didn’t worked along and ultimately she got divorced.