Pakistani MediaAs the Holy month of Ramzan ended will all its mercy and blessings on the mankind, almost all the television channels of Pakistan have returned on their previous path. On the occasion of Eid ul Fitr, all the television channels of Pakistan have showed special Eid programs in which most of the showbiz personalities have participated and performed in the shows.

Popular morning show hosts and Qawwal have also participated in the show but vulgar dance and immoral discussion on some television channels stunned the audience as they were thinking that this is surely not our culture. Different clips of Eid shows have been also circulated widely on social media in which the performers were doing vulgar dance as it have been never seen previously on our television screen.

People were discussing with each other that what happened to our media and are these television channels of Islamic Republic of Pakistan? Those program hosts who were preaching Islam, during the Holy month of Ramzan have also totally changed on Eid and shocked fans with their immoral activities.

Therefore, it is very sad that PEMRA had not taken any action against all the channels which were showing immoral and unethical content, specially during Eid days. People of Pakistan have demanded PEMRA to take some serious action against all the channels, so that public would watch quality entertainment.