11th-hour-by-waseem-badamiSeasoned Anchorperson Waseem Badami will restart his program 11th hour on ARY News. The program will restart on 11th of May and will be aired Monday through Thursday at 11:05pm on ARY News. The schedule will be the same which previously was while his stay at ARY News. Waseem Badami recently joined back ARY News after a short stay at BOL TV as Senior Anchorperson and Executive Vice President.

11th hour which was aired on ARY News is considered to be one of the most watched current affairs talk show on ARY News. Waseem Badami got famous from his coverage of the twin sit-ins of Islamabad last year. He also reported the earlier sit in Pakistan Awami Tehreek in Islamabad. Waseem is one of the anchors who are not only balanced but also stick to the truth and facts which speak for themselves.

Waseem Badami has covered news from a wide range of topics which range from religion and current affairs to sports and politics. He also hosted ARY Digital’s Ramzan Transmission for consecutive years before leaving ARY. He also hosted Special Transmissions for the ICC Cricket Tournament. The sources claim that he will be again hosing the Ramzan Transmission of ARY Digital this year.