Sabookh-SyedSabookh Syed who was working with Geo TV for a long time not only as a reporter but as Anchor and correspondent too has resigned from Geo TV. Sabookh Syed also hosted Aalim Online of Geo TV in 2014 for short period of Time. Sabookh Joined Geo TV in November 2004 and was working with Geo TV since then in different capacities. Sabookh stayed with Geo group in their thick and thin.

Sabookh worked at Geo group for about 11 years, now he has resigned. After Sabookh’s resignation rumors are circulating that he has been signed up by BOL. Despite many speculations and claims regarding his joining of BOL TV Sabookh himself has not confirmed or rejected any rumors and claims. Whereas who ever resigns now a days from his media house claims and rumors come up of him/her joining BOL TV.

The reasons of Sabookh’s resignation from Geo TV are not known but it seems that he has cited some better opportunity elsewhere. Sabookh is from Abbottabad his early schooling is from his hometown Abbottabad whereas he moved to Peshawar for higher studies. He graduated from Peshawar University and started his career by joining Geo TV.

Update: Sabookh Syed has confirmed that he has joined Bol Network as Senior Correspondent. We wish him greetings for this new journey.