Group-Photo-with-Waseem-BadamiBOL Network recently bid farewell to Waseem Badami who left BOL Network few days ago. The farewell was attended by a number of prominent office bearers of BOL Group and Axact. Chairman and CEO Axact and BOL Media Group Mr. Shoaib Ahmed Shaikh was also present along with Mr. Viqas Atiq who is Vice Chairman and COO of Axact and BOL Media Group. Attendees also included Mr. Kamran Khan who is President and Editor-in-Chief of BOL Media Group. President and CEO BOL News Mr. Azhar Abbas was also present at the farewell party. Senior Executive Director Mr. Nabeel also attended the event.

Waseem Badami joined BOL News last year as Executive Vice President and senior anchorperson. Waseem was working with ARY News as anchorperson before joining BOL network. He resigned from BOL TV few days back for joining ARY Media Group again. BOL Team wished him best of luck for his future. Bidding farewell to outgoing Employees is not much common in Pakistan’s Private Sector but BOL Group seems to be the first one to defy the old traditions.

The event which was held to bid farewell to Waseem Badami is considered to be a good gesture, in terms as what to expect in future from BOL Media Group. Waseem Badami’s resignation before the launch is not a new case as earlier Nadeem Raza also left BOL and news are coming every now and then of resignation of a journalists from BOL TV.