media-not-freeA recent Freedom Index issued by the Repor-ters without Borders, which is a scale for measuring the freedom the media Enjoys in a specific country. Listed Pakistan as one of the worst countries in regards to Media Freedom. Ranked at 159th place from the list of 180 countries our media’s freedom can be assessed. The list was made public on Sunday which marked the World Press Freedom Day.

Finland tops the list of states with the most freedom for the media followed by Denmark and Norway. Eritrea is listed at the bottom of the list that is as the worst country in regards to Media Freedom one step above is Turkmenistan along with North Korea.  Surprisingly China is also at bottom of the list along with Afghanistan, Cuba and Zimbabwe. The United States of America has dropped from 20th to 49th frequent public and police attacks on journalists is a major cause of this fall.

Followed by United States of America going down the list Haiti, Namibia, Faso, Burkina and El Salvador have been listed. Pakistan has been ranked 159th out of the 180 countries. The published reports points at the cybercrime bill passed by the Committee of the parliament to be responsible for Pakistan’s fall in position.