Wardah Shahamat newscasterEveryone wants a life which is filled and studded with success and awards. You cannot have it without any struggle. The person has to struggle and strive hard to get this. Whoever has a successful has gone through pains and hardship. This is the only way to reach glory and fame.

Wardah Shahamat is trying to walk the same path to glory. She is a new newscaster who wants success. She is a famous news anchor and a host. She is associated to the media industry since a tender age.

Wardah is from the city of lights, Karachi. She now has a quite fan following because of her different and affectionate style of presenting the news. She always stays up-to-date and always tries to look presentable keeping in limits of decency. Wardah does not reveal much of herself. She is only available on your TV channel. She does not use any social website where her fans can follow her.

Wardah got her breakthrough in the world of media through Waqt News. Her first job was as a news anchor. She currently does the same job. She is still linked with them and you can see her during most of the important news. She joined Waqt Television in 2009.