World is a very challenging place. You are always being challenged with new challenges. A person faces many hardships through out the phases of life. Some people give up and stop taking the challenges and move aside. Some people take these problems head on and tackle them effectively to succeed. Hard work always pays off and this usually results in a better and a happy life. The same story is with Uzma Noman. She has achieved great things because of her hard work.

Uzma Noman is a notable journalist. She is a TV anchor and a news anchor. Uzma has a very large fan following. Uzma Noman is usually credited because of her exceptional style of speaking. She is always very presentable on air.

She is packed with great skills which helps her to retain her position as a senior news anchor. Uzma is very active on TV and she stays very up-to-date.

Uzma Noman has worked for two famous and prestigious television networks, Dunya News and Express News. Uzman Noman got a breakthrough in the media production through Express News. She started off as a newscaster. She worked here for a considerable time slot. After receiving a better package, she switched over to Dunya News for a better future. She is still working with the channel comfortably up till now.