The measure of restrictions on freedom of expression during normalcy differ form country to country depending on the political system to which it owes allegiance. In the communist or socialist world, press is nationalised and therefore,, subordinated to. the political system. ] In lands where dictatorship reigns supreme, the press is completely subservient to the Executive.

In what- is popularly known as the “free world”, press is free but the freedom carries with it responsibilities regulated by law prohibiting divulgence of secrets vital to the interests of the state, incitement to violence, provocation for altering by force the system of government, bringing legal proceedings to contempt and indulgence in scurrilous writing sand malicious attacks against any person.

However penalties are generally imposed by courts of law- In certain advanced countries, the Executive is, sometimes authorised to act on its own initiative, though the’ action may later be challenged in a court of law.