Karachi: Emerging talented charming Sanam Jung filled in the page of the Social media, after the news began circulating of her to-be-held wedding with the VJ, Waqar Zaka in January, the very next year. People believe the news item to be true since the two had worked in the same channel ARY Musik as VJs. Sharing the same career, likeliness of their compatibility are more. Hence many do not have problem accepting the news item.

While many others have presented the notion that it would not be a good thing, if the two get into matrimonial tie.

Waqar Zaka is often disliked by the people for his appearance and talks. Sanam Jung in contrary has much of fans. She is liked by both young males and females for her charming beauty and innocence.

She has the potential of covering up a long way of success. Sanam is an actress, model and VJ. As VJ she stepped into the media industry from Aaj TV channel. While her first acting debutant was “Dil-e-Muztar” from Hum TV Channel. She has been a morning show host, is a model and is often seen in television commercials.

News brewed up on social websites is often fake and baseless. This news story is too. Since, there have been not as such statements by the two personalities regarding the matter. Neither, there had been any scandals of the two. So, peace till any ‘credible’ media source reports the news item.