Sehrish MohsinSehrish Mohsin is the most famous VJ of Pakistan; she is hosting her program on ARY Music. She started her career from Play channel and later she started hosting on ARY Music. Pretty host Sehrish has got a lot of fans in Pakistan. She enjoys the music of Atif Aslam, Sajjad Ali, and Strings from Pakistan and from foreign she likes to listens to Oasis, Cold Play and the Cranberries.

Her interest is in music, cooking, watching shows and she feels like sleeping, when she gets free. She has been the biggest fan of Sajjad Ali since her childhood and she loves the songs of Rahat Fateh Ali Khan. She also likes the songs of Bollywood singers Sukhvinder Singh and Faiza Mujahid. She enjoys FM radio as well.

Sehrish is very friendly person likes to make friends, she wants to have fun and she is challenging and ambitious as well. VJ would have been a journalist, if she has not been in showbiz. She used to mimic the news caster, when she was child, this is the good memory of her childhood, and she shared. VJ Sehrish has got a lovely voice and she entertains the viewers by her lovely voice.