samina jaleelChief Samina Jaleel is the master of cooking; she got 31 years experience of cooking. Her program comes on ARY Zauq name “Hasb e Zauq”. Chief Samina has won the heart of women by her good cooking. Her all foods are delicious and she cooks food with frugality. Everyone can afford her dishes because her dishes are rather cheap.

According to the chief Samina, every woman should know cooking because this is very necessary to win the heart of everyone. Women can cook well in their budget by watching the program of Samina because she is not only a good cook but also frugal as well. Her all foods are extremely liked by the viewers. Her foods are indeed very tasty and viewers also try to cook her food at their homes. Women get good feedback from their family by cooking the food of her.

She is also good at decoration, she decorates food after cooking. Food looks good with decoration and people love to eat decorated food. Her program is quite famous in Pakistan.