Tahira MateenChef Tahira Mateen is the most frugal chef of Pakistan. She tries to cook her all dishes in cheap prices and does not let the budget out of the viewers. She is running a cooking show called “Kum Khurch Bala Nasheen”. There are so many chefs they cook very expensive dishes in their programs, which are not afford by everyone. But she brings very cheap recipes in her program.

Chef Tahira has attracted the viewers towards herself by her tasty dishes of cheap prices because this is very difficult for everyone to cook expensive dishes.

Tahira Mateen also presents her dishes with beautiful decoration. Good presentation is necessary before serving food, it makes the dishes better and everyone feels like to eat these kinds of decorated food. There is no doubt that she is a good chef of Pakistan.

Chef Tahira won the heart of everyone, but unfortunately her husband shot dead on 28th September 2012, when he was resisting with the car snatchers to save his car. This is very sad news for everyone; snatchers don’t care the life of person just for the little things.