zara riazZara Riaz is the famous cook of ARY Zauq, Zara is good at cooking and she has 30 years experience of cooking. Chief also gives cooking classes and she has been teaching for 20 years. She knows to cook all kinds of dishes like Chinese, Pakistani, Thai and desserts as well. She is the master of cooking there is no doubt.

Viewers love to watch her program and also try her dishes at home. Zara has won the heart of people. Not only in cooking but also she is good at decorating the dishes. After cooking she serves her dishes with a beautiful decoration. She also conducts a live show name “Zauq Zindagi”. All foods are tasty which is made by Zara but her spicy foods are quite famous. Her foods make mouth with water and people like to eat it, while watching TV.

Chief Zara is the accomplished chief of Pakistan; she also cleans the kitchen, while cooking. Chief Zara knows well that how to keep the kitchen clean. People come to know the different tips by watching the programs of Zara. Cooking shows are necessary for the women because they come to know to cook different yummy dishes by watching these shows.