Veena Malik and Asad KhanThe scandalous couple, Veena Malik and Asad Bashir have planned to start their own production house after coming back to Pakistan. They haven’t come to Pakistan since last year when they flew out of country after a controversial Morning show.

Veena Malik after saying goodbye to Media Industry is blissfully living in Dubai with her husband Asad Bashir. She was offered many roles in movies and TV, but vetoed them after marriage. The controversy Queen is now making her comeback in Pakistan with her new Production House. Besides a Production House the International Human Rights Commission Goodwill Ambassadors, Asad Bashir and Veena Malik will also be releasing a patriotic song together and its teaser will be On-air soon. The complete song is planned for shoot in Pakistan. Asad Bashir also sang another Patriotic song ‘Meherban Hai Pakistan’ for Geo TV and motivational song for Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI). It is for the first time that parents of 6 months old Abram Khan will be seen together in a song.

The couple is vigorously involved in fund raising. Their own charity organization named VAK is about to ‘open up its wing for flight’ that will be operating in all parts of the world initially starting from UK. The main objectives of organization will be working for health, education, women empowerment and human rights.