M Ali KhanMir Muhammad Ali Khan is a well-known Investment Banker, entrepreneur and Capital Markets’ Adviser. He is the first Muslim and Pakistani to own an Investment Bank at Wall Street and youngest Chairman and Founder of Investment Bank. From cleaning tables at Burger King to becoming an owner of Investment Bank is a story of struggle and continuous hard work. He had always believed that there is nothing which you cannot achieve.

Film makers from Hollywood and Lollywood have joined hands for making a feature film on his expedition of struggle. This is happening to be the first time that Hollywood is making a movie on a Pakistani person. The movie ‘Karachi to Wall Street’ is the story of first Muslim ad Pakistani who owns an Investment Bank at Wall Street, he faced many challenges from anti-Muslim elements.

He went at the bottommost economically after his bank collapsed, he got divorced, and power, fame, and money everything was taken away. He gathered himself bearing loss of $150 million at the age of 33 and stood up again and did not lose hope. In the next few years he became Federal Advisor to the Government of Pakistan. He is single handedly raising his two sons for the past 13 years.

Eman Bente Syed will be the producer of ‘Karachi to Wall Street’ who has recently produced movie Jalaibee. Mr.Ali is going to donate all the profits produced from this movie to different ventures for youth cause.