The married life of Veena Malik & Asad Bashir Khan ended after the ex-actress takes ‘Khula’ from her husband through Lahore High Court. The news came as a shock to their fans who perceived that the couple is living a happy and successful life.

Through their official Twitter accounts they praised each other and Asad Bashir called her an angel and tweeted their images calling her “My world”, these tweets were retweeted by Veena Malik.  But it seems that the reality was different from what it appeared through social media.

It has been reported on media that Veena Malik filed for a separation on 6 January 2017. The court gave the verdict in favour of Veena Malik after the counsel of Asad Khattak failed to appear in the hearing.

Asad Bashir’s tweet about feeling heartbroken is being related to their separation but they both have refrained from talking with media.

It is being said that the rift started after Veena Malik’s decision for a comeback to showbiz which was opposed by Asad Bashir and his family.