Why a four year old allowed to watch you tube videos? My 12 year old niece is not allowed to watch any videos in fact my other niece who is 5 year old is not allowed to touch mobiles and only one hour cartoon on TV my sister in law try to keep her busy in coloring n books and other activities because all these gadgets are not good for kids

If the quality of tab is better, it is not as dangerous as we consider it. Plus excessive use of anything is wrong. But it may not harm to let kids watch for an hour or so.

Kids learn a lot faster through YouTube videos, you will be shocked. And there are some outstanding cartoons which give excellent learning. Octonauts, Peppa Pig, Pocoyo, and Arpo are name to few. See them yourself to get the idea about how constructive and helpful they are for kids.

Kids should not be deprived of the modern technology. All we have to do is to keep an eye on them and limit the use. There are very informative things for children on YouTube. My son loves to watch caillou, daniel tiger, octonauts, etc. We have to keep our children updated. The only harm starts when we don’t control and let them watch whatever they want.

Engage him or her to be more productive!! I mean why YouTube?? Why to show all that rubbish to a four year old?? It’s not the child’s fault , you introduced the child to the gadget 🙁 taking the child to some parks , or keep him her engaged in some board Games!! Or you could play name place animal thing wala game with the child!! Or you could verbally ask the child about how many cities , countries or animals he knows and keep adding new names to the list and then you can label the game as ” county game “, or ” animal game ” 😉 trust me he or she would love it !!

The above discussion was done on Facebook group.